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Commander-In-Chief is a fun fast-playing abstract strategy war game published by X Plus Products in which a player's Air, Land and Sea military vehicles work as a unified Armed Forces assault team to "capture" their opponent's Commander. The board consists of a traditional 8 square x 8 square checkerboard grid divided into two Land areas separated by a Sea area. Vehicles are restricted to movement within their assigned battlefields: Through the Air, On Land and/or In the Sea.

Pieces transverse the board in a Chess-like manner. Play evolves, turn by turn, with each player analyzing the current battlefield situation, adjusting their game plan accordingly and executing commands (movements of the playing pieces) in a collective effort to achieve the game's objective. Certain Air pieces (Bombers and Helicopters) can Go Over pieces; likewise certain Sea pieces (Submarines) can Go Under pieces. Additionally, certain pieces (Bombers and Tanks) can Block. The complete Original Release Basic Training Game Rules include "Object of the Game" options, "Team Game Play" options and "Advanced Game Play" options. "Future" options will include new movements, expansion pieces, additional damage control options, new attack features, mini wars and expanded terrains as variants to the Original Release Game Rules.

While this abstract strategy war game does not include random chance, it does allow for piece enhancements both during game play and during board set up which increases come from behind opportunities and can be used to level the playing field between players of various skill levels. The game can be played one-on-one or as a social game with teams. The military theme, the terrain feature of Air, Land and Sea areas of the board and the movements of the pieces themselves relative to the military vehicles they represent give the game a real world appeal.

The two Armed Forces consist of the following fifteen pieces per side: one Commander, two stealth Fighters, two army Tanks, one stealth Bomber, two submersible Submarine warships, two Helicopters, four amphibious assault vehicles (Amphibians) and one surface combatant Destroyer warship. This military themed board game, representing two Armed Forces, "Supports Our Troops" as the game of the "Y" by donating $1 to the Armed Services YMCA for every game sold.

Commander-In-Chief is a 3-In-1 board game that includes Chess & Checkers; these Classics are played on the dark and light colored side of the double sided game board. Additional game play options include: Tic-Tac-Toe and The Triangle Puzzle Game. Lastly, the 30 pieces that come with the game are miniatures, 30 Military Toys, designed for play with or without this board game and the 30 bases that the miniatures mount on, when inverted, become 30 Stackable Spinning Tops designed for multiple family fun games.


  • 30 Playing Pieces (Military Toys)
  • 30 Platform Bases (Stackable Spinning Tops / Triangle Puzzle Game Markers)
  • 10 Aerial Platform Bases (Tic-Tac-Toe Markers)
  • 1 One Minute Sand Timer
  • 1 Chess, Checkers, Commander-In-Chief Double Sided Game Board With 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" Squares
  • 1 Commander-In-Chief Game Rules
  • 2 Commander-In-Chief Quick Start Guides

Alternate Games Available For Play With Included Contents:

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • The Triangle Puzzle Game

Multiple Game Play Options Are Available For Commander-In-Chief

Also Available For Play:

  • 30 Military Toys
  • 30 Stackable Spinning Tops

Extra Info

BGID: 96949
Designer: Paul D. Miller
Time: 30 minutes
Mechanics: Grid Movement
Family: Checkers, Chess Games
Year: 2011
Product Title:
Ages: 6 and up
Publisher: X Plus Products
Category: Abstract Strategy, Miniatures, Modern Warfare
Artist: Sarah Kinsey, Kevin Zimmer


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