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Welcome to our Website, and thank you for inquiring about Game Master Games and Game Master Goods.

We are primarily a retailer, both a 'brick and mortar' store and an 'on-line store', but we offer so much more!

We strive to offer great customer service, an awesome customer experience, and do this all while we teach and play games and run tournaments!

We also work towards introducing as many people as possible to the 'wide world of gaming', so that people will be exposed to the immense value of gaming and therefore make educated decisions about their entertainment choices.


We run events, product release days, learn to play a game sessions, and over ten tournaments a week at our Hicksville, NY location.


We have in-store discount days, league play, free use of our tables and chairs, teen day, and a selection of games in our library to play at the store.


Our on-line services offer special discount codes that can be found on our advertising, a 'wishlist' for products that we are currently out of stock on, but that you will be e-mailed again once the item comes back in stock, a decklist section for the TCG players looking to complete their constructed decks, a 'buylist', and as much information about the products, so our customers can make an educated choice for their gaming needs.

In addition, you can always e-mail us at

See you soon, either at the store or on-line!

- Game Master Dave